I kept receiving this error after yesterday and the site won't load

Does anyone know why this is happening and/or how I can fix it?
Repl link/Link to where the bug appears:
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I also keep getting "Repl Unavailable This Repl is really popular! Try again soon.

code snippet

Hi @LucasKang5, there are many reasons for this and one of them is that this can happen if you have started the server but you haven’t opened a port to be accessed. Open a port for your repl to work.

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It’s not my repl, and I can’t find the repl on this site.

also I don’t speak code.

it also says: RangeError: Failed to construct ‘Response’: The status provided (0) is outside the range [200, 599].

Actually, I did a search and found the repl. However it seems that the repl violates Replit’s Terms of Service. This is why your repl shows this error message.

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I think (in this case) you are getting this error because your Repl name is too long. Try making it shorter if you can.

Edit: Nevermind, see above. But this is a possible cause for future occurrences of this.

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but it’s the only site I can use to talk with my friends on discord. I understand that most sites like this are blocked because of malware, but this one is safe. are there any other alternatives I can use that don’t violate replit terms?

It may not necessarily be that, maybe your repl name/description contains a word or phrase that is blacklisted by Replit.

what part of hi-repl-if-u-read-this-you-are-gay.thatnewcoolguy.repl.co is blacklisted? is there a place I can check? can I change the name somehow or fork it to make it work? also could you give me the link to the repl?

The Repl no longer seems to exist, as the common way to get a repl from it’s site doesn’t work. So I believe the Repl was deleted, which would cause this error.

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but SnakeByte said he did a search and found the repl.

You can find the repl here. Not right away, you have to View more a bit.

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which one of the repls is it?

Repl Link

would it be possible to copy the code and remake the proxy?

As it would be a proxy to bypass school restrictions, unfortunately not. That’s against Replit’s ToS.


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