I keep getting "There was an error connecting to the server"

I keep getting “There was an error connecting to the server” over and over again. It has been a hour and it isn’t going away. I get it when I try to run this code:

However, this other repl is the same code and runs fine:

Is it because it is not in a “Team?”
Replit Profile: see above

The problem has gone away now. Thanks for reading. Have a good day.

@MrY0ung can you explain how you solved your problem? If people have this same problem later they would probably like to know, so this would make it as future reference.

It just went away. I didn’t do anything special.

The Replit Team has fixed it.

its not fixed. Still same

Dear all, I got the same error: “Your connection to the server has been lost and reconnection attempts have failed. Please refresh the page to continue.”
I cannot run my old projects or when I create a new one like a simple HTML/CSS/JS page it is not working and it keeps displaying the message: “working”.
Any ideas why this is happening? Do I need to pay. I check in my profil and I am a free user under the limit so it should not be the problem.

@bispreplit Could you try changing to another server location here?