I keep getting error "sh: 1: Use: Not Found" for my Arithmetic Formatter cert. project

I am trying to figure out what is wrong with my code, I’ve taken the steps to check for incorrect indents, deleted quotes, I even asked ChatGPT, which helped me fix a lot of errors, and before it is assumed; I did NOT copy and paste the code it provided me, I only compared what it showed me to my own so I could fix whatever error I could find, If that makes sense.

I am still extremely new to Python, am trying to get a certification in Scientific Computing, and I have been at it, off and on, for a few months now (lost track, maybe 2 or 3 months?) went through all 56 lessons on FreeCodeCamp, wrote down a ton of notes and I’m STILL trying to make sense of everything, on top of that, this is the first of five projects. I ask that you please go easy on me. Thank you in advance for any possible solutions.

I try to run my code, and I get the error: “sh: 1: Use: Not Found”

Preferred Outcome:
I would like for my code to run as intended

Here is the link to my project

Along with that, here is the code from my “arithmetic_arranger” tab

def arithmetic_arranger(problems):
 if len(problems) > 5:
    return "Error: Too many equations"

arranged_problems = {
    "first_line": "",
    "second_line": "",
    "dash_line": "",
    "result_line": "",

for problem in problems:
    first_operand, operator, second_operand = problem.split()
    first_operand, second_operand = int(first_operand), int(second_operand)

    if operator not in ["+", "-"]:
        print ("Error: Operator must be '+' or '-'.")

    if not (str(first_operand)).isdigit() and (str(second_operand)).isdigit():
        print ("Error: Numbers must only contain digits")

    if len(str(first_operand)) > 4 or len(str(second_operand)) > 4:
        print ("Error: Numbers cannot be more than four digits")

    spacing = max(len(str(first_operand)), len(str(second_operand))) + 2
    arranged_problems["first_line"] += str(first_operand).rjust(spacing) + "    "
    arranged_problems["second_line"] += operator + " " + str(second_operand).rjust(spacing-1) + "    "
    arranged_problems["dash_line"] += "-" * spacing + "    "

    if operator == "+":
            result = first_operand + second_operand
            result = first_operand - second_operand
    arranged_problems["result_line"] += str(result).rjust(spacing) + "    "

arranged_problems_output = [
arranged_problems["first_line"].strip() + "\n" + 
arranged_problems["second_line"].strip() + "\n" +
if arranged_problems:
    arranged_problems_output += "\n" + arranged_problems["result_line"].strip()

print (arranged_problems_output)

There are already many topics about this exact issue, but here is the solution.

By the way, this has nothing to do with your code, just the repl configuration.
Click three dots near your files, and Show hidden files.
Open the .replit file.
Replace the run = "Use Run Command" line with entrypoint = "main.py"
Then, reload.