I just lost all my codes

I went to my College to study , when i logged in i saw that i lost all my codes, i put more than a day of work to loose it all… its just a bug? When i go home and log in my account in my PC the codes will show out? Or i just lost them forever?

You might have been hacked or something if the the repl containing your code still exists I think you can use the history feature to revive it


I would be surprised your code is gone forever.
Are the repl gone from your dashboard or just files from a repl?


Have you tired our history tool or the trash clui tool?

If you deleted your repl, please go to https://replit.com/~/cli, then run the “trash view” and then the “trash restore” commands to find and restore the deleted repl.

If you deleted a file, you can create a file with the same name, then go to the history for the repl (the history icon next to the repl name in the workspace), then restore the version of the file that has the code.

Let me know if that helps!