I have restored my deleted repl but it's empty

I have made recovered one of my deleted repl which was containing my code but now as I have restored it, it is showing to be empty (but still the last updated date of repl is being showing correct). Please help me with this, I really need it. Is I have to pay any type of charges for it. Please help me as soon as possible.

Does your repl’s file history still contain the past snapshots? Please send me the link to your repl and I’ll take a look.

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https://replit.com/@AyushAgnihotri2025/Compile-IT-Api it’s link of the repl

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I have restored it from CLI - Replit

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I’ve passed this along to one of the platform engineers to investigate. Unfortunately I can’t give you a fixed date when they’ll check or any guarantee that we can restore your repl.