I have no release button

** No release button in my account. It seems to haver been replaced by a Deploy button, but I am not on a paid plan. Has this something to do with the fact that my replies were created 2-3 years ago and an upgrade took place automatically when I logged in?:**

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Hey @comptech welcome to the forums!

AFAIK releases don’t exist any more and were replaced with deployments. I believe they are similar. This changed happened pretty recently (a few months ago). Replit updates when you log back in (you can correct me if I’m wrong). Hope this helps!

It also means all Replit’s documentation is incorrect detailing how to use the Release button!
Am I correct in saying then that users can only publish replits on a paid plan?

…so this functionality has been removed for all free accounts?
…and all my shared links created previously no longer function?

Could you by chance be referring to the “Publish” button?


You can publish any repl, just click the Repl name in the upper left corner and click “Publish”

No, all existing shared Repls should continue to function.


Tried clicking the Repl name top left corner.
Publish panel drops down but final button to Publish is not functional.

The whole panel is ‘frayed out’ first time it drops down. I find I need to do it twice.
I see this final button again refers to Deployment. However it gives no feedback as to why it’s not functioning. I just discovered there is a white Publish button top right of this panel. I am feeling a little ‘manipulated’ here!

What are you even talking about?



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Apologies if I didn’t explain myself well. I am referring to the flow of the Publish panel. The final button is “Deploy your project”, which requires a payment. This is where I would expect the Publish button to be, since a dedicated Deployment button is elsewhere.

…ooops, in earlier post, ‘grayed out’ was autocorrected to “frayed out”. Perhaps this was the misunderstanding?

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Ah OK, you can give feedback about Replit in Feedback/General Problems.

Kinda, yes. This part confused me the most, though.

Like, what exactly isn’t functioning?

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What are your options if you click on the three dots in that pop-up?

The prominent “Deploy your project” blue button at the bottom of that panel looks active but is not responsive when clicked. Why is it there at all - since Deployment is elsewhere.
User has to realise they need to go back up to the top to press Publish white button.

I don’t know. I don’t work for Replit. Like I said before, make a post in Feedback/General Problems if you don’t like it.

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Yeah a lot has changed since then, I do faintly remember a release button though. I think it’s now pretty much the publish or deployments, but I just don’t remember a whole lot