I have lost an entire folder of programs

Hello, my name is Nick and recently I have been using replit to work on a series of worksheets that I have to practice for an upcoming programming class. Since each worksheet has 10 problems I have been making folders with an appropriate title, and keeping all my solutions in there. Today an entire folder disappeared, along with some of the solutions. Since it was the most recent worksheet I have done, my most recent solutions are still visible (roughly 4-5 solutions out of 10). Is there anyway I can get that folder restored before it dissappeared?

The folder was titled Worksheet 3, at this current moment I made another one just to store the remaining solutions.

Thank you.


Welcome to Ask! When you created a new folder, did you create one with the EXACT same name as the one you lost or a different name? I know you can restore files by creating another file with the EXACT same name and I think it works the same on folders. If you haven’t done this I would try it.

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Hey thank you for replying, the folder I lost was titled “Worksheet 3” or “Worksheet 3 (Loops)” I can’t remember exactly which it was.

The next folder was titled “Worksheet 4 (Files)”

I can try both iterations and see if it works really fast.

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Okay, I have a new folder with both names and it did not recall the folders.

I also just made another file that has the exact same name as one of the solutions lost and that didn’t do anything either.

However, luckily since I have done all my problems recently I can still find them in my history. But I am still a bit worried because the history only goes back seven days and fortunately for me I have done all that work in seven days.

Does replit have a system that would let me “restore” if something bigger than this situation ever occured?

That doesn’t work with folders.

You can use Git.

Also if you delete a repl you can restore it with the CLUI for a certain period of time (30 days I think).


That’s a good idea honestly, I will take the time to connect this to Git.

Thank you for assisting me, I appreciate it!

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