I have linked my replit coverpage in notion and for some reason the notion page is auto-refreshing

Problem description:
https://replit.com/@BiswajitMishra3/Hello-World This is my test replit coverpage link which I added in notion so that my students can run the code in real time and see what’s the output but as I added the link into notion I myself can’t run the code as the notion page keeps getting refreshing again and again. I have added codepen link too but their was no issues.

Expected behavior:
Should run and show the output when clicked on RUN button

Actual behavior:
Replit section in the notion page keeps getting refreshing

Steps to reproduce:
Add a replit page into notion

**Video on how this problem looks : ** Screencast from 2023-08-27 12-49-48.webm - Google Drive

Browser: Firefox 116.0.3 (64-bit)
OS: Fedora Workstation 38