I have buy plan Hacker but i don't know how to open away on bot telegram?

i want know please help me

Hi @iloveyou160521LOVEOw , welcome to the forums!
Could you elaborate further on this issue?

Previously, my icon was a normal icon, did not buy any plan, I saw on the Hacker plan there is always code execution, but after I bought the Hacker plan, I can not find it anymore

Is this the Always-On button?

yes sir always on button , how i can do it?

Hi @iloveyou160521LOVEOw !
Always-On is being replaced with Autoscale and Static Deployments, and is free for Hacker. You can deploy your bot now! Deployments are better than Always-On, and will keep your bot running 24/7.
Hope this helps!

i can work my all bot telegram 24/7 or only 1 bot ?
and you can explain me how to do it, I’m new in replit

Any number of bots can be Deployed!

I’m asking you i can run 24/7 all my bot or can only 1 bot?

All your bots can run 24/7, that’s what Deployments do. Just click the Deploy button in the workspace and use Autoscale Deployments!
It will scale your repl to save resources, depending on what it uses.

photo_2023-10-01_16-56-27 (2)

click in button setup your Deployments ?

So does that mean I have to buy a hacker plan every month to keep the bot telegram working 24/7? If so, it’s really good.

Yes, choose Autoscale as it’s great for this.

Yes, every month you need to buy it to keep it working.