I have Autoscale deployment why does my app stop working when the browser closes

Why does my replit deployment stops working when I close my replit browser session? Do I need to select another type of deployment or do something different?

could you elaborate and give the code/repl for us to fiddle with?

Thanks. I have a chatbot deployment under rpelit code, autoscale deployment, the VM is deployed and running, but as soon as I close the browser it just stops working. Is it the deployment type or how can I ensure the application keeps working even if I dont have th browser running? https://replit.com/@jdomenzain/Lead-Gen-GPT-Chatbot

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could send the deployment link?


Oh yeah, Autoscale shuts down if not in use (So if the page isn’t open), you should use a Reserved VM on Background Worker mode for this.

Alternatively, you could theoretically attach a pinger to the site, but that’s highly likely to be unstable and go down a lot.

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Do you mean Reserved VM Web servers?

I just tried it and it still shuts down after I close the browser.

No? Guessing by the repl name (chatbot) I defaulted to assuming it’s a discord bot, which doesn’t need the webserver part.

Does the deployment stop, or does the dev Repl stop running?

THe dev Repl stops running

That would be expected, as deploying doesn’t keep the dev end up. The deployed end should stay up, even if the Repl is off.

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Yeah I think that did it, I changed the dev link for the deployment one in Voiceflow and it solved it. Rookie move. Thanks for the pointer

Actually it did not haha, the fraking thing stopped working after some minutes…

Is it on autoscale or reserved VM? If it’s autoscale, then it shutting down would be expected.

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Autoscale Deployments don’t really “shut down”. They are always ready to receive requests. If the autoscale deployment receives traffic, it spins up very quickly and serves your content.

Reserved VMs on the other hand are always running.

Well I mean it would be expected to pause between requests, and the way it’s receiving them might not be waking it up properly.

I’m experiencing the same issue where my dev code stops running when i close the browser window. Did any of you find a solution to this?

I tried both the Autoscale deployment and Reserved VM, none of them kept my code running after i closed the browser.

This is my project:

Hey @dooee24!

Were you looking at the Console to see if they were still running? Deployments log into their own Logs tab within the Deployments tab.

Hey, thanks for the reply.

So the deployment is not the issue. In the deployment tap everything is running fine.
However the code itself stops running as soon as i close the browser. Which also stops the chatbot im hosting on another website from working…