I Have A Suggestion

You should make a meme channel so people can post their coding memes. I think that it would be really fun for the coding community as a whole so that if someone want to laugh they can go to the meme channel and look through all the coding memes.

I am quite sure replit would prefer not to implement such a feature.

Join the replit discord here they have one already

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Why would that be? I mean there would be rules in the channel.

The purpose of this forum isn’t for chatter and such.

Quoting from the rules:

  • This forum is for Replit-specific asks for help and support, sharing feedback, and reporting bugs. Please avoid using it for general chatter and posts that are off-topic.

Although some of us tend to get a little silly in some threads, we shouldn’t make a post that contradicts the purpose of the forum.


All true, sorry about that BTW

True, but sometimes they can be broken. Besides, replit isn’t really intended for that. It is designed to host software, not memes.

Ope well should I just delete the post? @bigminiboss what do you think?

They’re referring to the forum. Not to the Replit Website.

I think you’re good :smiley:

Nah, just mark one of the posts as a solution and it should be autolocked soon.

Bet ima leave it up then

The forum is designed for users to communicate and engage in regards to code help and various questions. Not memes.


I know. That’s what I was saying~

That is very true :+1:

We have discussed an off-topic category or allowing it in #general but we decided on that all of that should happen in the discord or within messages


The unfortunate thing is that to make private messages you must decide who all you want to participate in the conversation instead of your friends on Ask just joining freely. However those of us that are privileged get a chat with each other.

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This is a forum, not the discord server :slight_smile:

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But what about the ones who were banned at the server :sweat_smile:

Messages or off-platform. If you message me your tag I can ask discord mods about how to make an appeal

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