I have a replit project that disappeared

I had a replit that I published and linked to my goggle classroom. The majority of my students did the project. We all have links to replits that show up as “not found”. Is there any way to recover this project?

How could this have happened. The link is:

Hey @KathleenWeaver welcome to the forums!

Can you make sure you are logged in to the correct account? There have been issues about getting logged out I think

Yes, I am in the right account – I can see every other project I have created.

Hi @KathleenWeaver !
Can you check under your repls (not the team ones, your personal ones) and see if the missing repl is there?

I have an initial version there, that I was testing the concept, BUT it isn’t the one I shared with students, on Google classroom. It has a bunch of submissions, none of which I can access.