I have a question about the replit tos

But is it against any sort of Community Guideline or anything? If it isn’t, you guys should add it. I’m trying to say that they could just use an alt to get a like and it’ll instantly surface to Community “Hot”. Wasn’t farming against this Community Guideline about 2 years ago?

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Its not a problem anymore, if we find low-quality Repls on the Trending Repls page then we can just hide them :).

What @IanAtReplit said is correct! We don’t take action against a case like this but if we find repeated offenses of someone abusing Trending then we will take action against the user as necessary :). In any case we do reach out to people if we find this kind of abuse and we have tools to take care of it automatically if necessary!

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@RayhanADev Can you check this out? I have lots of proof using gql and screenshots from repls.

Replit staff have answered this, but I just wanna point out that the fact that this is a post indicates that it has bothered someone.