I have a question about secrets

I started to use a flask for my website for reasons, but i was wondering if i used the secrets section in the tools would that allow me to get an .env for my website?

The secrets section is basically a .env file with UI. If you were to download your Repl as a zip file it would also download the .env file

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so yes or no, simple yes or no.


ok thank you unfortunately this will not be important to me because relpit doesn’t support the other to file i need that cant be resolved with the secrets. sorry for waiting your time.

what is the file name?

.ejs and .gitignore witch is actually important because the secret’s section does exactly what that does

.gitignore is for github, so it won’t work on replit . .ejs works

wait somthing for github isn’t supported on replit. but isn’t replit or anything code for that matter connected to github. i could even use code anywhere without github.

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also when i create a .ejs file it just gives me a normal file no icon for what type of file it is, just blank file.

Yeah, it does that to me too, but it still works as an ejs file if you render it correctly

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