I got banned from Replit, and I don't know why! :(

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I am banned from Replit, and I don’t know why.

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I was trying to fix my domain’s link to my repl on my domain and I saw that I was banned from Replit after getting the error message ‘It looks like you signed up without a password. Click “Forgot Password?” to reset it.’. I viewed the account on this account.

What areas or features are involved?


Repl Cover Page Link/Screenshots/Etc: (to protect you and your code, never share your Repl join link outside of PMs)
This is the banned image:

Thanks for helping if you can. Here is my username:

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Use the contact site https://contact.moderation.repl.co/


I did. I still don’t have a response.

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Hi @awhatcott, you’ll get a response there today. Thanks for your patience.


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