I got an Error on Forking Project

I Got an Error to Forking People Project

I got “This repository possibly violates our Terms of Service. Contact support if you believe this is a mistake” To Forking People Project

Can some On Help me To Fix This Problem !!

Welcome to Ask @JeelanMuhammad!

Could you please provide a link to the repl you were trying to fork?

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Yes I Can :
Pease Click here

Hey there @JeelanMuhammad,
We are sad to say that Microsoft (Parent company of Mojang, creator of Minecraft) have filed copyright claims (DMCA – Digital Millennium Copyright Act). According to Wikipedia, a DMCA is:

It criminalizes production and dissemination of technology, devices, or services intended to circumvent measures that control access to copyrighted works

Therefore, these are going to be banned in the future on replit since eaglercraft allows one to access Minecraft without the restrictions, regulation, and $26.95 USD fee.

“Digital Millennium Copyright Act - Wikipedia”. En.Wikipedia.Org, 2020,
---- Digital Millennium Copyright Act - Wikipedia.

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My Error Like :

This repository possibly violates our Terms of Service. Contact support if you believe this is a mistake

I am aware of what error, you got. You received that error because continuing to host eaglercraft on replit would be against Replit’s ToS, and would likely get replit sued.

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Can I Give You a Video Link (Yes/No)

Yes, but it is not going to change the outcome. Hosting eaglercraft on Replit is against the ToS, and would lead to Replit getting sued.

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Video Link : Forking Error

Again, this is because of the following:

And furthermore:

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Ok Thanks!

How can I fork This Project

You cannot fork that project because, again:


OK That So Sad :sob: :sob: :sob:

You Can Fork This Project? (Yes/No)

I cannot because it violates the ToS. No one can fork that repl.

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Dude, you’ve asked three times. Minecraft is copyrighted, so Eaglercraft is an illegal project. You’re getting the error because you’re not allowed to fork Eagler. Nobody is. If necessary, buy Minecraft legally.


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