I get the error VK_ERROR_INCOMPATIBLE_DRIVER when I try to use vulkan on replit


I believe it is either a code issue or a issue with the config for vulkan. Does anyone know as to why this error is occuring?
Repl link:

The Error seems to be occuring in this function when I call vkCreateInstance

void createInstance(State* state)
	uint32_t required_extensions_count;
	const char** required_extensions =
	VkApplicationInfo applicationInfo = {
		.apiVersion = state->api_version,
	VkInstanceCreateInfo createInfo = {
		.pApplicationInfo = &applicationInfo,
		.enabledExtensionCount = required_extensions_count,
		.ppEnabledExtensionNames = required_extensions,
	PANIC(vkCreateInstance(&createInfo, state->allocator, &state->instance),
							"Couldn't create instance\n");

Given the name, I would assume the error is because the drivers on Replit’s virtual machines are incompatible, in which case you will not be able to compile and run this program on Replit.

Ok thank you for telling me that I wouldn’t want to have spent hours trying to fix an unfixable error I will move the project over to my PC

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For Vulkan you’d need to click on the repl name in top left of the workspace and add an Nvidia K80 GPU. But with a price of 375 cycles/day ($3.75, or cycles from tips, competitions and bounties), you’d rather stick to PC

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