I found firewalledreplit

There is a.website https://firewalledreplit.com is a place where some of ypur code might work.It is.like replit version 0.1

That’s not new, it’s existed for a long time.

firewalledreplit.com is just like replit.com, except for the fact that it is restricted in certain ways.

firewalledreplit.com isn’t using an older version of replit than replit.com, what do you mean?


firewalledreplit is just replit except that you can’t access the community (I’m pretty sure it’s just a carbon copy of GQL but without comment mutations)


Some code works while another does not.

For me it will be no difference cause I am banned.

It’s literally just Replit, except for the fact that you can’t access repls started using non-firewalled mode with it, and repls started using firewalledreplit “don’t” have network access.

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I just used it and edited my not firewalled repl and it was perfect. It even saved and showed the changes on real replt.

firewalledreplit is a real Replit instance.


When I say real replit I mean not firewalled replit!

I know, but I was just pointing out that both are real.

Ok thanks for the teching

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what he means by real replit is that it’s just replit but hosted on another domain (so it’s the same thing except you go to firewalledreplit.com instead of replit.com && some stuff is restricted)


I understood thanks.

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Spent a minute on firewalledreplit and I decided I hated it. No internet access, no search, and it’s just weird.


So you’re saying it’s Replit offline, when you’re online lol?

The whole point is that it’s used for schools…

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Firewalledreplit is an alternate domain but the same product, specifically for schools to use to prevent the usage of proxies.

Repls have no internet access and users in firewall mode have no access to Community features or Bounties.

Docs: https://docs.replit.com/getting-started/firewalled-replit