I forked a repl, but when i'm trying to edit the website and costumize it, it doesnt update for some reason, it is shown as the same that it was as how when i forked it

The project URL:

This could be related to an ongoing incident. Follow at status.replit.com

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Thanks! 5 hours passed and its still the same… Hope its fixed soon! Good Luck!

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I think its not a replit error tho, can someone look at the code and see if there is something that is causing that?

yeah, it wanst that, i figured out, i have to run: npm run build

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Yes well, with Node.js and Python Repls, you’ll have to hit the Run button or maybe even have to run a custom build/run command like that in order for it to kick off. HTML Repls don’t require this but the rest do.

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