I finished a template

I have finished my latest project

it is a python contact form template

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Do You think this would be a good template if staff approve it
  • Yes
  • No
  • Possibly

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I think it would be a good idea to add a README.md file explaining it, I believe this is one of the things the Replit team looks for when reviewing templates. Also, you don’t need a for loop to sleep for 1 second five times, you could just sleep for 5 seconds, although sleep is actually unnecessary in the first place. It’s a good template!


I love it @TheOtherGuy! As @MattDESTROYER said you should add a README.md so the user can know more about the template. I recommend putting this on a folder called template like that everything would be organized! In your README.md I recommend to put this :

  1. Template Name
  2. Publishing Data
  3. Changelogs
  4. What is does?
  5. With what it’s made

That’s a perfect README.md! Templates can be promoted by community mods or admins, if you get a lot of people to use it it could get promoted!

Hey @TheOtherGuy,

there a new tag for #general which is called polls! I’ve moved this topic from #general#general/polls for you!

Hey this isn’t really a useful template right now, because nobody is going to use it via console.
Maybe turn this into a website

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yes i just want to make it look like it is proccessing alot of data

ok i dont really know how to use flask though

i know a decent amount of python and alot of html but i dont know flask

Hey @TheOtherGuy,

As a @VulcanWM said the template isn’t really useful right now, people don’t actually fill a form via console. To make it useful you should make a UI, you said you knew HTML, that’s great to do the UI!

Using Flask is simple, if you know HTML then it should be easy to setup.