I Failed to uploud my first website

when i uploud my coding to replite and then I try to run and nothing happens, did u guys have any solution for me. Btw, this is my first web I make it!

Hi @Muhammad-Azzam7 , welcome to the forums!
You need to rename Index.html to index.html.
Make the ‘I’ lowercase.
Hope this helps!
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Hi @Muhammad-Azzam7 , does my idea work?
If not, are there any other error messages?

Hi @Muhammad-Azzam7 !
Are there any problems you are facing with renaming the file?
If you need any help, feel free to ask!

OMG. thank you so much, my friend. The little mistake makes my program can’t publish on a web. This is my first lesson on a programmer world.

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Always happy to help!
Do come again if you have any other questions!
Our community is helpful and friendly!

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