I don't understand .gitignore


I don’t understand why poeple should igonre files with .gitignore. What’s the point of ignoring files and what does it do?

@SnakeyKing heres a website that explains what Gitignore does » Git - gitignore Documentation.


The .gitignore file is a text file used by the version control system Git to specify intentionally untracked files and directories that should be ignored. Some files are sometimes ignored!


For example, if you didn’t want to track changes in the .pythonlibs/node_modules folder, you would put that in .gitignore.

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Using .gitignore means that when you commit something, it doesn’t commit anything ignored by .gitignore. Say you installed a lot of node_modules, and they don’t need to be committed, you can type ./node_modules into .gitignore.

However I would like to say that in order for a gitignore file to be effective, it needs to have been created and populated before the initialization of the git repo.