I don't see the icon to ad packages


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Hey @marcdewaersegge, please provide a question and maybe a screenshot so I can help you further


Hi @marcdewaersegge , welcome to the forums!
Go to Tools > Packages to install the packages. The tutorial’s pocture you are using is very outdated.
Or, you can enter poetry add package-name in the Shell to install packages. To install Flask, for example, it would be poetry add flask.
Hope this helps!

Found the way to select packages.
I am following a Udemy course for learning Python. The screens I see in that course are different from mine if I am using Replit. Too bad they don’t keep their screens up to date.

I have been retired for over 10 years, and used to do a lot of programming. Now I am learning Python to make something for myself. I find replit very helpful. Especially the use of AI. I didn’t realise this was possible.
Thanks anyway for helping me out.