I Don't Know Why Repl.it Not Showing Output Of My Projects In Python

Why It Not Showing Output Of My Projects In Python

Anyone Can Help Me To Solve This Problem Or Repl.it Admins Please See Why This Happening

Note :- I Don’t Know English So Much


When this happens with the graphical output, it’s often just Replit having some connection issues. If you open the Shell tab and enter kill 1, this will normally solve the problem.


Also try reloading, that often works.


if this is on a school network and it works on a home network, ask your admin to unblock repl.co.


Not Working This Method
If Have Another Method Then Tell :pleading_face:

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also this not working

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You’re not seeing the screen that Tkinter should show, I recommend using this code :

import tkinter as tk

window = tk.Tk()
window.title("Hello wold")

hello = tk.Label(text="Hello world!")
button = tk.Button(text="Click me!")

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This one does show a screen, so replace it for the code you have!

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It’s Tkinter, so it doesn’t need a URL


it does - graphics sessions are hosted on repl.co


Never knew that, my bad! But, that code doesn’t work for me, it never does!

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Also This Not Working And Only Showing Loading Icon :smiling_face_with_tear::pensive:

Image :

That’s so strange, the other code doesn’t work for me, but this one does. If you want to play with Tkinter, I recommend using the Tkinter template!

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Same Problem For TKinter On Replit :pensive:
@replit Please See Your Templates

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Works perfectly for me!

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Can You Give Me Demo Of Your Project in tkinter

Sorry, but I didn’t do 100 days of code

Create Manually And Send Me Link Of Repl

Okay, Thanks For Replying😊

Repl.it Don’t Have Any Problems In Replit’s Server, Today I See When My Laptop Connected From Airtel Internet Service All Function’s Working Fine But With Jio Internet Service Repl.it Does Not Working Fine

So I Have Problem In My Internet Service