I don't know what' my error


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Hey! Could you please provide the “Console” tab output? If you’d like, link a screenshot? Thanks!

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I can see you have 2 public python repl, all of them shouldn’t be able to run as there are errors

in https://replit.com/@esma02574/Python?v=1#main.py
both variables you used below (str and width) is not defined, therefore thee is an error. You can fix that by adding

str = "a value"
width = "another value"

at the start

in https://replit.com/@esma02574/octucde-Project-01-octucode?v=1#main.py
the issue appears at line 9, where guy is not defined
you can fix that by moving line 10 and 11 to right below line 6

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It’s also unwise to name a variable str, since there already is a built-in called str(). I suggest it be renamed.