I dont know how to name the bounty job

I use ChatGPT to translate into English sometimes, but there is a character limit. And the continuous copying and pasting of source text are time-consuming. If I want to paste a big text somewhere and let a tool automate the copying and pasting of the source text in ChatGPT, how would I describe such a bounty job technical requirement?


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If I understand correctly, do you want to know how to word a bounty? Like actually asking about the text of the bounty?

If so

I took this from the AI section of “Create a bounty.”

Bounty title: Automate prompts

# Problem Description

I need something that should take what I'm saying, automatically paste it into ChatGPT (which should translate my text to English) and paste the results in a new text document.

# Acceptance Criteria

- The program must take all the text from text.txt and automatically paste it into ChatGPT. text.txt may be bigger than what is allowed in ChatGPT. The program shall take the data in chunks. 

- ChatGPT must translate the text to English and the program takes all of the responses (that are translated to english) and put it in translated.txt

# Technical Details
(I don't know what to put here haha so you fill this part in as per your wish.)

That is just how it can be. You can make it better/refine it.


That sounds like you would need a tool which accepts input from the user, splits it into chunks (openai token limit), then uses openai’s gpt-3.5 api to translate it into english.
Maybe write something like that in the description for the bounty.
You could also use the google translate api

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Correct. I thought developers might have a particular name for this type of tool, so I would ask and use it in the bounty


ChatGPT translation is better than Google into English