I don't have the "friends" so I can't create a free team... What to do please?


Replit Profile: https://replit.com/@brunohemon13127

if you follow people they will follow you!

:wave: Welcome @brunohemon13127!

Creating teams has temporarily been disabled.


if you want you can invite your followers to collaborate on a replit so you can talk to them on the chat
and welcome to the replit community👍

Not necessarily, I believe many bigger people on Replit don’t follow back due to the sheer number of bot/spam accounts that end up following them. (Also, that’d be a lot of stuff to have in your following feed that you might not care about)


Oh, I know why they did that now… they could have just disabled invites tho lol

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They did it because of confusion with creating Teams for EDU and Teams for Friends.


Thank you all for helping me out so much I would like to help but I need to try and not! at least till I know what i’m doing on Replit Community thank you guys for correcting me when I make mistakes but I also need to leave it to the professionals!