I don't have August 2023 badge

I don’t have the August badge :frowning:

Can I get it?

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It was never properly awarded. And Im not going through over a thousand users for the badge

aww man…

pwetty pwease… for meeee? :pleading_face:

No. If you make a .csv file with every single username and stuff I will get an admin to award it. Bulk Award a badge to a set of users - announcements - Discourse Meta

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oh ok… now lemme see how i can download a list of every user here…

Some endpoints dont require an API key Discourse API Docs


aww man its admin only :frowning:

try visiting https://ask.replit.com/admin/users/list/active.json
it says "not found)

EDIT: i found /directory items .json

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well, not every user here was active in August

not for me :slight_smile:


Mabey I should of looked at the endpoint and not just the data. I see it since mods and admins can view it :slight_smile:

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ok but i have directory_items.json so perhaps that is nice?

Also whats difference between topic vs post? i think post includes replies ig

Never heard of that.

Topics are thread and posts are replies (mostly). But what would be considered the topic is also post in the back end


ynw it was too long ago lol

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