I don't have any project ideas

I’m bored out of my mind and don’t know what to code / try to code. Please suggest some ideas that are logical and could be developed.

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A wordle game i created one and it was pretty fun

You could attempt the challenges in https://adventofcode.com/

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already did that lol

Ok dude, here me out. You build this website where people can connect and talk. But you make it for Harvard students at first, and then you make it for everyone. I think Harvard has this thing called “The Facebook”, you should name it after that. Get some brothers to fund your site, then ditch them when you take off. Facebook… I like it.

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No but first you need to steal the idea from the person who you are supposed to being coding it for.

:rofl:1st of all happy new year 2nd if your really that bored teach me how to code :sunglasses:

And then become the youngest billionaire, and ban people on your VR service for using pseudonyms.