I cant type in a repl on mobile

Problem description:
Cannot type in a repl

Expected behavior:
Being able to type

Actual behavior:

Not typing
Steps to reproduce:
Open a repl on an ipad
Try type
Fail to type

Bug appears at this link:


Browser: smoothwall
Device: ipad 9th gen ios 16

Hi @mineninja77777 , welcome to the forums! Could you provide more information on the problem you are facing?

You appear to be able to type while the repl is booting

@mineninja77777 could you provide a picture of your view. What do you mean by

could you explain that in greater detail?

Whoever change it to replit mobile app, this is on a browser known as Smoothwall and not the app

We may not support this browser, we only really test on Safari and Chrome.

Can you use the app? Or does this problem happen in Safari?

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