I can't show console output after showing graphical output for the first time

Question: How do I show console output instead of graphical output?

Repl link/Link to where the bug appears: https://replit.com/@PythonAnaconda/Game-Maker?v=1

Screenshots, links, or other helpful context:

pygame.init() #Causes GUI View to open in replit Repl View, I cannot show the console afterwards.
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Hi @PythonAnaconda , welcome back!
Pygame runs in Output, you can’t change it.
Hope this helps!


Here is the feature request you can vote on that I think is about your question:

Ok then! How do I resolve this, or should I not?

This cannot be resolved by you, instead you will just have to hope that replit implements the feature specified in the feature request.
Alternatively, you could create a graphical console in your pygame display. Pygame has some text input stuff you could look into, and it is relatively easy to display text.

What I mean is “resolve” the topic.

lite=1 instead of v=1 at the end of the URL should allow for you to swap back and forth

for example https://replit.com/@PythonAnaconda/Game-Maker?lite=1
they might have changed it though

Just mark the most useful post as the solution to resolve the topic.

Well, the topic has not been answered as it is still an existing thing that pepple want, not like a question that can be answered.