I cant see that Custom Domain Section In my webpage (that pen)

Bug description:
Screenshot 2023-11-05 143119

i also tried this on my many replit project its not showing me that pen

Replit Profile: https://replit.com/@jamilscience

Hi @jamilscience , welcome to the forums!
To connect a custom domain now, you need to Deploy your project. It’s a new update.
Hope this helps!

@NateDhaliwal How can i Deploy my project?

You can click the deploy button at the top of your repl.
Deployments are paid.

is it paid ???

Static will be free in the future.

oh so i cant use custom domain :frowning:

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Welcome to the forums, @jamilscience!
As @NateDhaliwal said, you need to deploy now to add a custom domain.

But, he also noted that Static deployments will become free in the near future.

Would you mind sharing if your project is static or dynamic? A static site would be using no backend, basically HTML, CSS, and JS. A dynamic site would use a backend, such as Flask, Node.js, etc.


I make php sites will that be dynamic? and if no is static-free plan contains the custom domain option?

Hi @DBotsDev !
Yes, all static deployments can allow you to connect a custom domain.