I can't scroll down

The scroll feature works, but I can’t use my mouse to scroll down. And while it doesn’t hinder me from writing my code, it is really annoying because it’s inefficient. I know my mouse isn’t the issue because I’m able to scroll down for other websites.

Hi @ChongEmma, welcome to the community!

Can you share a screen recording of this happening? I have never faced anything like this before.

Hi @QwertyQwerty88

I recorded it. But because you can’t see my mouse, it’s probably not obvious I’m trying to scroll on repel.


Sorry for it being a link. I couldn’t figure out how to import the video.

I’m getting a 403 (Forbidden) error when clicking the link.

Oh, wait let me see if the link from the website I edited it on works

(replit scrolling issue recording - Create and share your videos with Clipchamp)

I hope this one works