I can't run my code showing this whenever i run code

Error: Cannot find module '/home/runner/Myjs/index.js'
Require stack:
- /nix/store/qpnf0dafrfsbcwb4z7cphjm0dff0vl7l-prybar-nodejs-0.0.0-e0d9a52/prybar_assets/nodejs/module-context-hook.js
- /tmp/prybar-nodejs-357198370.js
    at Module._resolveFilename (node:internal/modules/cjs/loader:995:15)
    at Function.resolve (node:internal/modules/cjs/helpers:109:19)

what is this error?

Welcome to the forums! Could you possibly supply a link to your repl, so we can see what might be the problem?


:skull: I honestly have no clue but I bet this guy can help! @MattDESTROYER
He is really samrt :brain:

Can you please send a link to the Repl? Or at least a screenshot of your .replit file?


Hi @WassimSohil!

As @OmegaOrbitals said, this is likely an issue with your .replit file and/or your replit.nix file. Mind sending a link to your Repl or some screenshots?

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I believe this is the Repl this issue is occurring in? If so, it’s private, so could you either make it public or create another Repl where you can reproduce the error so we can troubleshoot with you :slight_smile: