I can't run my code, it doesn't show anything

I’ve tried deleting my cache, changing the website and also restart my pc, but nothing of these helped.
When I try running a simple code like print(‘hello’), repl doesn’t show anything on the screen

But the interesting thing about this bug (I think) is that when I copy an old code, it runs!

Also, when I try to run print(‘hello world’) on my phone, it works perfectly.

I need help with this, because I can’t create any code.

Hey @sterekandstydia!

Is your account out of storage space by chance? If not, could you try adjusting the zoom level on your browser?


Hello @sterekandstydia, welcome to Ask!

Try using firewalledreplit.com when you run your code, since it is a separate sever I believe.

If that doesn’t work, can you send me the link to your Repl?


That worked! But only in the moment I zoom in and zoom out and as soon as I stop doing it, it goes back to how it was before.

Interesting, is your zoom level a non-default one? If so, using 100% zoom might fix it.

Nope, It stays the same.


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Nope, I use 100%… and it stays the same too.

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I forked it, and it worked. It’s obviously an individual problem, or even a bug, so I would create a topic in Bug Reports.


It’s a zoom issue, which is a browser-based issue.

Additionally, this bug has already been reported.

do u know how to fix it?

But he said that it’s at 100:

Yeah, try zooming in or out.

Also, Firewalled Replit no longer works.

Yes, and some browsers seem to be having this issue more than others, and they can’t find a zoom level that works:

Ah sorry I didn’t see the messages in between somehow lol

@sterekandstydia It definitely sounds like a browser issue of some kind, maybe a setting. What browsers have you tried on your PC?