I can't open my Repl

I’m trying to paste some of my code into a Flask (Python) REPL so I can host my web page via Replit. Every time I load the REPL from the homepage, it boots up fine. However, as soon as I put any code in, it “disconnects”. When I refresh it, it just keeps connecting, and it won’t let me do anything. I literally can’t do anything. This issue is happening here.


I can’t even create the templates folder.

  1. Try entering kill 1 into the shell. Even if you don’t think it’ll work
  2. Try creating the folder from the shell. It could be one buggy folder.
  3. Reload the page. Maybe the UI is out of sync.
  4. Check Inspect Element for anything surprising.
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I reloaded the page multiple times, thats my point even when I reload it still does it.

Fork the repl? Create a new one?

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Let me try kill 1, if that doesn’t work I will try forking/creating a new Repl.

You didnt do kill 1 yet?

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I just read your message, as of now no I haven’t.

It won’t even let me type in shell.

Wow ig fork it then

Ive had some big issues with pokemon adventures but you just need to fork it OR perform surgery after getting an MD

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Nope, literally as soon as I forked it did the same thing. It just says reconnecting and won’t connect at all.

Hmm metadata i suppose. Create a new repl, then copy everything over.

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Nope, I’m gonna try and create a Python Repl instead of the Flask template.

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Yeah, I stopped using the Flask template and now it’s working. Maybe it’s a bug with the Flask templates, can you possibly try and re-create this?

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Nope, I lied. It’s just me, I think. Let me try clearing cookies and cache, and then try again.

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