I can't Login to replit?

I can’t log in right now?
The cursor constantly rotates on the login screen.
Is it a general problem?

This problem doesn’t occur that much, but it probably has something to do with your internet browser, or the Hypertext your browser interacts with, so no, this is not a general problem.

To answer fully, how do you login?

I always log in via Edge. I also use the iOS app. The interesting thing is that I cannot log in from either environment.

There is another situation. I was logging in with my username. It gave a username not found error. Now I try to log in via email, but again the login cursor just rotates.

do you have a Google account?

Yep I have a google acoount

go to https://replit.com/login and press “Continue with Google.”

can’t log in too. It is always on a loop.

I solved the problem by resetting my password. Thank you for your support.

@admin153 Seems to be working fine for me. Try logging into Replit via another computer. If that doesn’t work, try again on another network (e.g. going to a public library and trying there). If the former works, it’s a problem with your computer. If the latter works, it’s something with your network.

However, since you are able to access the Replit help website, try clicking replit.com in the top right of your screen. or try @Jaymz86’s solution and reset your password

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