I cant get the 'Download as ZIP' Feature to work while editing a file

Im the kind of person who likes to keep a back-up of everything, so when I ran into the ‘Download as ZIP’ file in my project, I tried it out and nothing happened. I thought it moght of been the size of all the files and images clumped together, and tried it on a much smaller file but still nothing. I thought I just wasnt patient enough to wait the whole time and created a new HTML file and THEN pressed the button, and I waited around 10 minutes just to find out that nothing happened. I can download individual files, one at a time but I have at least 50 files on the project and dont want to wait that long, please help

If you want to back up everything, I recommend using git and github. They have advanced systems for keeping track of files and their histories.

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I dont have a suitable acount for github and I dont see what Git in replit is supposed to do

I’m able to download projects that are almost one gigabyte. What browser/os are you using? Do you have any browser extensions that could be getting in the way?

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