I cant get the answer plz can someone help

i want to ask why cant i get the answer see
you can go and see there

Looking at the error message and then your code I believe whats going on is that where you put the <hr> tag you added an unneeded < so it looked like this <<hr> when it should look like <hr> this.

Screenshot 2023-09-16 6.55.15 AM
I have circled the issue. Hope this helps.


I believe the issue is with vite.config.js, where the HTML file is not linked. You could use innerHTML too and not a HTML file, but Iā€™m not an expert in Vite.

thank you so much man it helped

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Hi @aqeelsyed !
If @HenryMiles3 answered you question, could you mark that post as a solution? If not, what problem are you facing?

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