I can't fork a repl link is https://replit.com/@ayunami2000/eaglercraft?v=1

Plz help i need to fork a repl because something you dont need to know

Hey there @landonxie771,
We are sad to say that Microsoft (Parent company of Mojang, creator of Minecraft) have filed copyright claims (DMCA – Digital Millennium Copyright Act). According to Wikipedia, a DMCA is:

It criminalizes production and dissemination of technology, devices, or services intended to circumvent measures that control access to copyrighted works

Therefore, these are going to be banned in the future on replit since eaglercraft allows one to access Minecraft without the restrictions, regulation, and $26.95 USD fee.

“Digital Millennium Copyright Act - Wikipedia”. En.Wikipedia.Org, 2020,
---- Digital Millennium Copyright Act - Wikipedia.


You Can Try To Fork From Another Account

Yes but this would still violate Mojang terms and conditions.

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Not in this case, no. No one can fork any eaglercraft repl. And even if you can, the repl will not last.

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Just wondering, since the Repl itself does not contain any Mojang/Microsoft copyrighted code, how does it violate the DMCA act?

Eaglercraft can be considered piracy due to the fact that it can be considered a virtually similar version of Minecraft, for free.

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