I can't find a replit that was on yesterday (this is not very important)

I was playing a game, sandboxels, and was wanting to play more of it and then it just disappeared, so I was wondering if anyone could help (this not important)

If you found it on the ‘Featured’ on replit homepage, yes they may disappear from the list.
If you know the author username and the project name, and still cannot access it through https://www.replit.com/@{author}/{repl name}, it may because the author have made it private

Welcome to Ask! I remember commenting on that Repl awhile back and the owner responding. I searched for “sandboxels” and filtered by exact match and there are quite a few results but no Repls with comments. Evidently the Repl owner either deleted it or at least deleted the comments.

ok thanks so much, I was wondering what was happing

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