I can't enter in a repl

I tried to use a proxy in a repl and I got it closed. It says " It may be temporarily unavailable or it may have violated our [Terms of Service].If you are the owner of this Repl and believe you should be able to run it, you can try again later or contact support." How can I get it back? I have been working on it months.

Hey @AnasBoujamaa!

Proxies can violate the TOS because the can bypass restrictions. If it stays a proxy I don’t think you can get it back, is it possible to do what you want without a proxy?

Hey, you are the same guy of before. Apparently, the other project got also banned for that reason. But I managed to get a zip of it.

@AnasBoujamaa can you answer these questions? It would help figure out what is happening and how to fix it.

Yes, I can to my things without a proxy, I just tried to use one to see if the web scrapping I was doing can be better cuz I can get IP-banned from that website.

@AnasBoujamaa what and where were you webscraping?

@AnasBoujamaa did you zip it again to fix your problem? Or was it my post that fixed it?

I was trying to scrape some session cookies from a website, https://es.memedroid.com

Well, for some reason the error message vanished for a moment and I downloaded the zip fast, and now I got it. Right now I’m uploading it to a new project, I’ll remove the proxy.

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