I can't download my repl files because it takes up too much storage


Replit Profile: https://replit.com/@NarwhalKid

My repl never fully loads (checked on pc web, pc app, and mobile app) and I am unable to download it on any of the devices. Even when going directly to the download link, it still won’t work. It sends me to a 500 page. I cant use the shell to manually zip everything either. The only way I would be able to transfer the files now would be to go on my phone and download each and every of the probably thousands of files on the repl and put them in folders myself. Can I get repl to just manually send me the files via email or something? (If support is reading this, NarwhalKidGamesCode is the repl)

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To confirm, this doesn’t work for you?
Looks to be about 700MB compressed.

Yep, it gave me a 500 err on the website and a “Repl not found.” error on the mobile app

That’s odd. Try clearing your browser cache (or use another browser or Chrome Incognito mode) on your PC.

Otherwise, go ahead and privately message me your email address and I’ll see if I can send it to you.

Yeah, I already tried other browsers and incognito and nothing. How do I privately message you?

To privately message a user, click their profile picture and the :email: Message button.

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@NarwhalKid is trust level 0, so they can’t PM people. Source


Those are just the defaults. I’d assume staff have already changed the setting here.

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@NarwhalKid I messaged you. Let me know if it all works out okay.


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