I cant connect my domain


I linked a custom domain and it says verified. In the Webview it shows my custom domain in the url but if I open it in a new tab or any other browser it keeps saying ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED. This site can’t be reached

compressify.ai unexpectedly closed the connection.

I disconnected and reverified it but still got the same error.

Thank you.

Are you using cloudflare or anything?


I purchased my domain on Namecheap and connected it to replit. Did I miss a step? Sorry.

What a video on how to connect a domain to replit. After entering your domain to replit make sure its correct and then set the info repl gives you into your hosting. The serves you using might also not be the best choice for hosting. Like cloudflare i got the free hosting and my websites kept getting taken down and had unsafe connection

basicly what im saying is make sure DNS matches up

It has to already be matched. Otherwise it wouldn’t say verified.

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oh yea. its something to do with the hosting what are you using?

possibly something with hosting*

I just linked my domain from Namecheap to Replit. I thought Replit hosted it. Do I need an additional hosting service?

I have just set up cloudflare and reverified to Replit however still getting the same error.

you website now works

it take a while for replit to get you domains DNS, now yo problem is the security of it.

The domain is verified but not connected

Hi @sajadpp , welcome to the forums!
Could you explain more on the problem you are facing?

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Hey @sajadpp welcome to the forums!

It can take up to 48 hours to connect. Can you show me how you connected it with pictures to see if you did it correctly?


i have the same error thintry.com

stille connection close thintry.com

Hey @sajadpp!

Your domain appears to be working fine on our end. Are you still having issues connecting it to Replit?

I wonder if their issue is with the HTTPS connection, which doesn’t seem to work for me: https://thintry.com/