I can't ask code questions relating to schoolwork?

I was recently browsing code help and I came across a topic asking what psuedocode was and how it worked. One response stated that no help was allowed based on Replit ToS, because assisting with schoolwork is against the rules. This is confusing, and also a little frustrating to me. It’s confusing because A, I looked at te ToS and couldn’t find anything that says it’s prohibited, B, this person wasn’t asking for their assignment to be done for them, merely for a definition of a term, and C, Replit Ask is my primary resource for help as I don’t go to in person classes and my professor isn’t the best at explaining things(to me).
Is this really a rule? If so, why? It doesn’t make sense that someone asking what a term means could get Replit banned in schools.

I assume you are referring to my comment here:

I don’t think it’s in the ToS but I’ve seen stuff get removed after mentioning school. I once tried to help somebody with schoolwork (failed to see that they mentioned schoolwork) and I and another person were messaged by a TL4 reminding us not to do that.

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Well its not TOS but Replit Ask rules so I guess Replit Ask TOS. But yes this is a rule/policy we have. As for why we feel like its cheating and we don’t want to help people cheat. But helping them understand concepts is ok. And you wont be punished for helping students unless you have been messaged before about it


Could you link to or share the exact wording of this rule? So that I can avoid problems for myself and for others?

The Ask ToS are here, and state that they are additional rules to the main Replit ToS here. I didn’t see anything about school, but I only skimmed them.
EDIT: not-ethan pointed out that you should also see the community guidelines, now available through a convenient link at the top of your page.

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Im forgetting the specifics of the rule myself. Its ok to give hints. But for small things like a missing } you can just say entirely. Since this was discussed internally you will get a 404 when going to the link. Here are some quotes thought:

Person A:

I definitely don’t think giving exact solutions should be allowed, it’s basically cheating, it isn’t their work. Hints, maybe, but we have to be careful not to steer them too much. They are the one supposed to be coming up with the solution.

Person B:

I agree wholeheartedly with @Person-A here. If the user is asking for help with code and it’s not apparent that they are handing this in for a school assignment then there isn’t much we can do, but that post was blatantly asking others to do the work for them because they felt programming was hard.

Person B:

I think hints to help others solve their own problems is the correct way forward. Sometimes, especially with the “my code doesn’t work” queries it’s a single line that has a missing quote or bracket and that’s fine to solve it for them. Anything more and we would have to be cautious I think.

That TOS page is heavily outdated and is the standard that comes with discourse. Please refer to the community guidelines. And we will soon add a post to that topic talking about policies that arent really rules.


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