I can't access any of my repls

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Hello @3rdeyeveiw8!

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Repl stuck on booting, happens a lot for me these days, how to fix?

If it happens often, this may be a resource problem, and is your machine.

For me, an around 5 or 6 tabs in Edge is 1000mb of mem.

Check your Task Manager!

I have 64gb of ram, def a replit thing

I have lots of Virtual RAM, just not actual RAM.
Replit works fine for me.

Pretty sure I allocated 16,000mb

I have 8gb of actual RAM.
24gb RAM with my allocated Virtual RAM

I have a massive storage is all.

I really don’t think it’s a local machine thing

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Yeah it most likely isn’t. There have been a lot of topics about this lately. Did you try:

  • Ctrl Shift R
  • A different browser
  • Maybe a different device?
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I’m having the same issue and it’s a brand new machine.

Thank you! I saw after I posted that a number of other were experiencing the same issue. it’s all fixed now somehow, maybe a update?


I try to load a project named CS50xCourseWebsite or basically any other project and the page is getting stuck and won’t load.

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