I cannot find my packages tab in replit python

maybe it is because i accidentaly encrypted some replit files, can someone tell me how to get them back?

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Welcome to the community @bruh1555, are you looking for a specific package?

yes i am it is called “cryptography” i need that to decrypt my replit files

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What do you mean decrypt them, you accidentally encrypted them?

yes i did accidentally encrypt them (restated because it wants me to put 20 characters in this)

You encrypted your files using fernet, did you try to decrypt them using the decrypt file.

yes i have i have used the shell and typed this command “python3 decrypt.py” and it keeps saying no module named cryptography

Do pip install cryptography in shell, then try to run the decrypt file.

which one?

pip: command not installed. Multiple versions of this command were found in Nix.
Select one to run (or press Ctrl-C to cancel):

Do you know how to invite someone to a Repl?

yes i do, should i add you to it?

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Yes please this will make it easier for me to help you.

what is your username?

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Its my forum username functionally.

done (its called ransomware tester, i forgot to not allow it to encrypt some of the replit files and thats why this happened)

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yeah the nix env is completely encrypted.

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you still here cuz i have another question

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hi whats wrong did the code stop working

nah im just making a passcode and i got an error saying this:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/runner/ransomware-tester/decrypt.py", line 3, in <module>
    decryptpass = os.environ['passwordfordecrypt']
  File "/nix/store/hd4cc9rh83j291r5539hkf6qd8lgiikb-python3-3.10.8/lib/python3.10/os.py", line 680, in __getitem__
    raise KeyError(key) from None
KeyError: 'passwordfordecrypt'
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that secret doesn’t exist then