I cannot access my repl

Description of the problem (please keep it simple and short): I cannot access my repl, nor does it run

Explain what you were trying to do: I was just trying to edit a part of my newer Uranus 2

P.S.: I don’t know where to put problems with Replit itself, so I though this’d be a great place. Mods can move this thread if they wanted to.


Thanks for posting @RixTheTyrunt I can’t see any breach of TOS so it might be due to a false positive. I’ll ask if someone from the Replit team can investigate further and unblock if your Repl meets TOS.

Sorry for any inconvenience!


Howdy Rix! This error may appear because of a number of reasons. Usually it should have already disappeared, but if it hasn’t I’ll do my best to manually resurrect it :).

A few things that typically cause these errors include consuming too many resources within a short time period or using too much egress. It could also be an error on our side and your workspace might have crashed.


Okay, I took a look. That modal should disappear in ~5 minutes of it appearing, but if it happens continuously perhaps make a fork and before running your code see if theres anything that could hog too many resources :).


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