I can’t seem to access url from browser and trying to host a Discord bot using Replit and Uptimerobot

I think the fact url doesn’t show anything on my Safari and Chrome doesn’t make uptimerobot do anything. Am I correct?

Hi @temp487, and welcome to the Replit Ask community!

Firstly, on your repl (which I will not name) does not use secrets for the token of your bot. I would reccomend this, of course, to prevent your bot being logged into by other users than yourself.

Secondly, your actual problem involves the TLS Certificate.

Viewing the website on with http:// is fine, without question, however, when I open the website on https://, it cannot secure a connection between the server and the client.

This is mainly because the TLS certificate simply does not exist. I’d recommend creating another Ask Post under #help and mentioning your TLS certificate.
Screen Shot 2023-05-07 at 3.16.22 PM

Hope this helps! :smiley:


Thanks for the reply. Do you know what should go on the “key” section and what should go on “value” section in terms of replit secrets?

Also about the TLS certificate, you mentioned about making a new post. Do I mention about how to obtain a TLS certificate because I’m not exactly sure what to ask.

The name of your secret.

The actual data in the secret.

For example:

key =  Hi
value = Something
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This is just a replit problem right now, see status.replit.com.

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No problem!
Firstly, the “key” section belongs to the name of the secret you want to make (e.g. TOKEN).
The “value” section is for the value of the secret (like tokena.tokenb.tokenc).
You can access the secret via

import os


About the TLS certificate, it has been a known problem for a while now (check @Firepup650’s message above). I’d say to ask for a new certificate, or like this post.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks, very helpful. Got the secret bit sorted now.

You know when the embedded link “this post”? For some reason it linked to my post. I’m just confused.

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Whoops! I meant this post, sorry for any confusion! :sweat_smile:

Hi, sorry to sound impatient or something but do you know how long does TLS certificate issue normally takes to get resolved so I can get a https connection? I’ve waited like nearly 12hours on my newer post but nobody replied.

It varies in a large range, I dont think I can find an exact answer for that :sweat_smile:
Also, someone may not reply on your post when it’s renewed, but I’ll do my best to keep you posted.

Thanks, I already got a reply from a Replit staff in my newer post about TLS certificate.

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