I can not move my python image with the CSS

I can’t move my python image with the CSS. I write to be left and it’s right top


it’s positioned on the top left for me. Where exactly do you need it to be? You might want to add in/change your code for accessibility

<html lang=en>
<title>python logo?</title>
<img src=python.png alt="python logo">

And use <style> or link a CSS file instead of inline styles - it’ll make your code cleaner as it grows

You are trying left:50 which will not work because you need to declare a unit like px you need to also change the position from static (it is the default) to something like absolute other wise you can not use left.

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Thanks. You helped me a lot. I just start learning CSS and it’s a litlle cinfusing for me.

MDN is useful and comprehensive Positioning - Learn web development | MDN (mozilla.org)

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